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Since 2008, has been bringing to your attention the facts and arguments why our ecosystem and all life that depends on it is in peril.

Now, starting in 2014, while continuing to identify where our world is in crisis, we bring you a new message.

What can we, as individuals and society, do to make our world a better place?

We bring you the road map for a New Economy.

Stay tuned!




"When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned and the last fish dead, we will discover that we cannot eat money."





The Evidence


In a nutshell, here is what is evidently wrong with the current system:

  1. Our ecosystem is in jeopardy.
  2. Growth is not sustainable.
  3. Mega-Corporations rule the world.
  4. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.
  5. Human lives are wasted fighting wars instead of working toward world peace.





The Problem


In a nutshell, here is the root to the global problem:

  1. Money is created from nothing.
  2. Laws, guns and money are used by the elite to control the working class.
  3. Greed for more money trumps everything else.





The Solution


We, the people, have to fight for democracy, freedom from slavery and exploitation by the elite.

  1. Recreate money as a means of exchange and not interest bearing capital growth.
  2. Embrace the concept of the Gift Economy, Cooperatives and Sharing of the Commons.
  3. Put caring and compassion for others above greed for more money.





Positive Steps to Take NOW


Here are seven steps YOU can take NOW without excuses.

  1. Pay in cash. Stop using credit cards.
  2. Embrace the concept of the Gift Economy, Cooperatives and Sharing of the Commons.
  3. Gift whatever you cannot use to someone who can use it rather that throwing it away.
  4. Share/exchange with others.
  5. Buy local. Support local stores/growers/producers and not chain stores.
  6. Reduce your consumption and carbon footprint.
  7. Spend more leisure time away from work.





The Truth about Black Friday


"An economy based on consumerism leads to moral decay."


"When people become ingrained in consumption disregarding the debt they inherit, they become immune to the realities around them.

When the situation becomes intense with a coming dollar collapse and a possible war in the Middle East, reality will sink in.

Then when the necessities such as food and shelter become scarce the people will begin to panic and lose control over their own lives.

Who knows what people in America will be capable of, but then again as you saw what happened on Black Friday, it is a reminder of how people react when products they don’t really need are on sale.

Imagine how they will react in times of economic despair."

  - Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News


Profiting from Global Warming


"Political leaders fiddle while the Earth burns."


"There is no escaping that humanity must consume much less, an impossibility under a system, capitalism, that demands continual growth, whose incentives are for more consumption, and that enforces a competitive race to the bottom that includes the ongoing corporate globalization that systematically moves production to low-wage havens."

  - Pete Dolack, Systemic Disorder


Economics 101

What they don't teach you in school

Why every country is bankrupt

  1. The Truth about Money
  2. Money goes around in Circles
  3. Money is created out of Nothing
  4. Money is Debt
  5. Our monetary system is dependent on Perpetual Growth
  6. Wealth ought to mean Surplus, but it is Not
  7. Profit and Greed will lead to our Demise
  8. Banks and Governments are Crooks and Criminals
  9. Growth is Not Sustainable
  10. Money is Politics
  11. Money is Power
  12. There is a Solution - New Economy


The New Economy

Money is past its best due date. Money is outmoded.
Think Global. Act Local.
Beat the system with Local Currency
Really Really Free Market
The Gift Economy



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